About Morse Mediation Group

Morse Mediation Group was created to assist divorcing couples in avoiding the fundamentally broken family law justice system in California and thus maintain their emotional and financial health while navigating a divorce.  Based on expertise gleaned from years spent practicing family law, the best advice we can give clients preparing to divorce is not to litigate.  Litigating a divorce often results in a long, painful, and costly process, which can have devastating financial and emotional consequences for the family unit.
Given that divorce is both the most emotionally difficult period in clients’ lives and at the same time, the most significant financial transaction many of them will make, our goal is to educate clients on all aspects of divorce and how it will impact them so they may make informed decisions while working toward a compromise.
During mediation sessions, we discuss the parties' goals and the realities of California family law.  We provide practical information about how judges typically rule on all aspects of a divorce to help educate and empower parties to reach a reasonable compromise.  Division of assets often calls for creative approaches, and we strive to find solutions to achieve the best outcome for all while preserving the parties' relationship in a non-adversarial setting.
Morse Mediation Group is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and sound legal advice to clients who require assistance with divorce mediation and consultation.